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We are a network – a group of entrepreneurs and tourism business owners that cooperate closely together for higher quality service and respect of common standards – in our case ecotourism principles.  
Our network was created in 2010 as a result of a project initiated by the Social Ecological Institute (www.sie.org.pl), a non-profit environmental association. After over 2 years work and research, a group of local tourism and agrotourism owners, farmers, artists, local activists, guides, decided to create a cooperation network to promote their ecotourism  products under the common  logo “Between Bug and Narew”

The network logo 




  • All the network members know each other and cooperate together. So they can easily advise what to do where  and what fits best your needs. Which places are better for families, which for groups of friends or for a romantic weekend just for two. What activities are available where, from kayaking or horse riding to culinary workshops.  It also easier for you to discover the region following our network map, road signs with the logo and to find what you need on our common website where all places and activities are described.
  • We care about high service standards and the quality of your stay and your experiences. We do not offer luxury, but a clear transparent offer with adequate prices and nice atmosphere. We promote the local authenticity and not a show for tourists only. We do not promise more that we can offer. Our goal is always your satisfaction, but also the sustainability of our business, long term quality development and not short term profits .
  • The offer of our network respects  the basic world principles of ecotourism . It means that:
    -    Our offer is based on nature, culture and local uniqueness.  We promote, protect and respect our natural and cultural environment;
    -    We do care about the environment and local communities, we support the local economy;
    -    We strive to provide positive, awareness rising experiences, not only for our guests but also for us, the inhabitants of the area.


Additionaly, the network members that respect the highest environmental and ecotourism standards have received a special label- The Polish Ecotourism Certificate, with more than 100 precise environmental criterias to fulfill. Our goal is to have every year more members that are certified.

read more about the Polish Ecotourism Certficate  here >>>>



We welcome you in the area covered by 16 rural communes, located between Bug and Narew rivers:


The Nature

The area is mainly covered by  forests, meadows and small fields, located along wild river valleys. Small cities on the way  are Brok, ?ochów, Ostrów Mazowiecka. The main characteristic is traditional farms, pastures and a very rich biodiversity and natural heritage, which explains why as much as 5 protected Natura 2000 areas are located in our region:

  • The White Forest –  Puszcza Bia?a- (bird protection area)
  • The Low Bug River Valley – Dolina Dolnego Bugu – (bird protection area)
  • Near Bug Refuge –  Ostoja Nadbu?a?ska (protected habitat area )
  • The Pulwy  Swamp – Bagno Pulwy - (bird protection area)
  • The Liwiec river Valley –  Dolina Liwca (bird protection area)

This shows that the area has exceptional nature value in Europe, especially for birds, but also fauna and flora diversity.  It’s a great place for birdwatchers and other nature lovers. You can spot over 400 protected species  of plants, birds, mammals, fish, amphibia and reptiles. Among them – the black stork, the corncrake, the ringed plover, the beaver, the wolf, the …

You can search for more information on the polish websites:

www.przyroda.polska.pl; www.birdwatching.pl; www.natura2000.gdos.gov.pl.

The Culture

Many interesting polish traditions are still alive in our area: local festivities, harvest days, religious events , but also traditional handicraft or cooking recipes. We are also surrounded by memories of a stormy and often dramatic history of wars and uprisings. In every village you will find traces of the past. Our hosts are happy to share the information about Polish history, interesting monuments and places to visit but also local stories and legends that you will not find in any guidebook.  


We care about the continuous development and improvement  of our standards, quality and service. If you like to share your opinion concerning your stay or any other suggestions and remarks, please write to the current network manager: Justyna Kaflik e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it always analyse the guests feedback at the network meetings and strive to correct any deficiencies.

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